Cruising the Keyes.. or at least trying

Last weekend my Dad and I packed up our car and on Saturday morning we started our journey to the fourth race in the SoCal circuit.  Keyesville is located on the east side of the Sierras very near to Lake Isabella. After a six hour drive we arrived at our campsite half a mile from the race venue.  As soon as camp was set up we headed to pre-run the course for Sunday’s race. Ten minutes into riding the course I realized why it had been kept as one of the longest race venues in southern California. It was fast and flowy but also technical with hard climbs. I went to bed anticipating the following day’s race. The next morning dawned with a certain electricity sparked by the intensity of the onslaught to come. I was fifth going into my second lap and then Spring Break caught up to me. Almost two weeks of very little training caused me to crash physically and I couldn’t recover for the rest of the race. I ended up finishing 7th. On the other hand my best friend took second in the sophomore race. You could say we were “Spoked!”

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