As seen on TV

A lot of people don’t quite take me seriously when I talk about high school mountain biking. They understand it’s not road cycling and that there are races but that’s about it. High school mountain biking is actually one of the fastest growing sports in the country. There are leagues scattered across the country and last weekend California held its state race at Los Olivos, north of Santa Barbara.  Close to 800 riders raced on Sunday, and I finished 11th in the Freshman D2 Category despite a heavy nose bleed from a cold I had been fighting. The sheer amount of people was humbling, and it was definitely an awesome experience being there.  The local news station did a broadcast about the race and the link can be found below. (I’m on the right in the screen shot behind the newscaster.)

2 thoughts on “As seen on TV

  1. I’ve read all you previous blogs and have attended several of the races you mentioned in those blogs. I have seen first “hand” the commitment both physically and mentally put forth by the High School riders. And it doesn’t matter whether you come in first or come in last place, the look of accomplishments of each individual as they cross the finish line is incredible. So I say, if in 2016 you have a free Sunday afternoon and want to experience an incredible sport, come and watch the true dedication of High School student racing over mountain terrain, hills and valleys. You will truly be inspired!!!!! “Anchka”

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