Bike Check!

I have put pictures of my BMX on my website but I am racing something completely different! Most racers in the Socal League are racing bikes with 29 inch wheels, and I am one of those lucky kids.

First, my bike is a Trek 2013 Superbly Comp. It has a 21 inch frame because I am nearly six feet tall. Most of the bike is stock but I have made a few adjustments.


For my tire selection I am running Continental Race Kings. I have them set up tubeless, and they have special side wall protection which helps from getting cuts in the sidewall. They are very fast rolling tires as described by the name but I feel they compromise some tracking. Next season I think I will use Maxxis Ikons because they provide both speed and grip.


Next up is my drivetrain. I have upgraded the rear and front derailleur to Sram XO with a clutch system on the rear. I also put a larger big chainring on the front for more top speeds.


Moving along to the front of my bike. I am running the stock Fox fork and Avid Elixirs hydraulic disk brakes that came with the bike. I put on a shorter stem to improve my positioning on the bike and to help my lower back. I also switched my grips to ODI Vans lock-ons. Finally I have a Bible verse ( Isaiah 40:31) on the top tube of my bike.  That’s a quick overview of my bike but if you have any questions, please leave me a comment.

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