The Plateau

When I first joined the mountain bike team we practiced every day at a piece of land owned by the local water district. We had permission to make a single track trail to practice skills. Chad, our coach, devised a half mile technical circuit that we had to complete twice without putting a foot down. Once we accomplished that we earned the right to go on longer and better rides.

Since completing the two laps I haven’t been out at our original trail very often, until recently.  My friends and I have been looking for an out-of-the-way place to build trails that is secluded but still very accessible.  We decided to go back to our original stomping grounds and begin there. We found a nice flat area surrounded by a grove of oaks and pines. We started with a simple pump track which is a short, circuit course designed to improve speed, cornering, and overall control of the bike. So far it has been a dream. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to have a blank canvas to build whatever we please.  I would tell you where it is but that information is classified.


Here we are dragging some logs to create the preliminary outline for one of the berms.


We ran into a couple of challenges. Mostly it was transplanting saplings from the middle of the trail to the surrounding areas.


We take pride in perfectly straight edges.


It became official when we got our handmade sign out there. Everyone who worked on it more than 10 hours signed it.


We only have one rule at The Plateau…No Dig No Ride!

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