Like Son, Like Father

It all started last summer when I broke my frame. I put a big crack in the carbon on the top tube during a ride. With the race season over, I took my bike down to the Trek Superstore in Kearny Mesa to get my frame replaced through Trek Care Plus. (This is a wonderful program that fixes almost anything for a modest one-time enrollment payment, but unfortunately is no longer offered.) They gave us a Trek Fuel EX full suspension bike during the time that my bike was getting revamped. With the fast-approaching cross country season I was putting more miles on my legs than in the saddle. This left a cool loner bike sitting in the garage.

During my riding downtime Dad took up mountain biking more seriously on the loner bike. He had acquired a Trek 820 when I first started riding, but as a starter hard tail bike it was good for easy flat rides, but it was hard on him on the more difficult trails and steep climbs. The difference between the two bikes was like night and day. In his youth, my Dad was an extreme athlete climbing Half Dome, summiting South American peaks, and leading 21-day backpacking excursions. After years of working from home, his sedentary habits have caught up with him, but with the easier-to-ride Fuel EX he was determined to work on getting back into shape.

Fortunately I got a new frame for my bike, but unfortunately that meant in late fall my Dad had to part with the loner bike he had been consistently riding all summer. Since then excuses for not exercising from my Dad all alluded to the fact that he no longer had a good bike to ride. We finally put an end to these somewhat valid excuses two weeks ago when my dad purchased a brand new bike. Gone are the days of toothpick stantions and mal-shifting. He got a brand-new Trek Remedy 29’er. The bike is designed to be an all mountain bike providing my Dad with lots of cush on his rides.

Beyond the new bike, however, there is something more special going on. My Dad has developed a passion for the sport I love, and we are able to share that in common. This connection brings us closer because we are able to bond over bikes and being in nature. I can share with him my knowledge of trail tips or mechanical bike advice, and he can get in shape while spending time with me, especially since I’ll be on my bike a lot from now until May.  I look forward to the many shared rides to come.

IMG_0170.jpgWe broke in the new bike on a 15 mile ride up Rainbow Wash in the Anza Borrego Desert. While the rest of us got ready David took a quick snooze.

IMG_0213.jpgDaddy getting acclimated to the new setup. Thankfully we had just gotten a good rain so the sand conditions were good.

IMG_0228Standing proudly at the turn around point in the ride. The new bike served him well!

IMG_0237Our coach, Chad, and my Dad camping out in the shade and getting a bite to eat while David, Ryan and I explored the canyon.

IMG_0241Fifteen minutes of climbing up the sandy canyon walls led to this shot. I’m not sure if it was worth the struggle. It does, however, display the new frame Trek hooked me up with!

IMG_0238My bike also got swallowed up by the sand in the making of the photo above.

temp.jpgDavid also broke in his new bike!  ( Guest post coming soon from David about this bike.  Key word: sponsorship.)

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8 thoughts on “Like Son, Like Father

  1. Ethan, I really enjoyed reading about your biking adventures with your dad… and the photos are beautiful. What a spectacular place to ride! It doesn’t look easy!

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  2. Ethan, The pictures are great. Excited to see that you and your dad both have a love for biking. May you both share many bike rides in the future. Love you, Nana

    Liked by 1 person

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