Oh Crack! A Redemption Story

Going into the third SoCal race of the season, I tragically broke the frame of my race bike. I was on a training ride and while going through a G’ed out section of the trail I heard a heart-sinking crack. When I looked down I noticed a long fracture running down the top tube of the carbon frame.  The future was looking pretty bleak with the next race fast approaching.

Here I am looking glum that I was one week away from the third race in the SoCal series and I didn’t have a working bike.


The day after the crack, Friday, we drove down to the Trek Bicycle Superstore in Kearny Mesa in San Diego to see what they could do in a week.  They’ve helped me with various issues in the past, and this time was no different.  After surveying the bike, submitting photos to Trek mechanics, and making a few phone calls to Trek HQ in Wisconson, we got the glorious news they would ship a new frame to do a bike rebuild by Monday afternoon! (As my coach has repeatedly said, “Trek’s got your back!”)

Here I am standing with Mike Willard, the super professional manager of the service department who helped us work through the issue.


The new frame arrived, and my bike was rebuilt. The guys at Trek were even nice enough to hook me up with the 2016 frame which was super rad. I was very thankful for the quick action they took.  Mike said the guys in Wisconson told him, “OK, we’re going to get this kid back on his bike!” Because they did, I was able to put the new frame through its paces only a few days later at Lake Castaic, a brutal course where I had crashed twice last year and threw a chain.  I was looking for redemption….


…which I found with a second place finish.  Two firsts and a second mean I am still in firm possession of the leader jersey for the Sophomore D2 series.  None of this would have been possible without the excellent support from the people at Trek and the Trek Bicycle Superstores in San Diego.  Thank you!

Always stoked to be on the podium!



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